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Programs & Partnerships

 I Am Breaking The Chains provide mentoring groups in the areas of social emotional, academic and personal development.

Music Notes host Song Writing Workshops with students on the topic of College & Career. Students wrote and created their own song using an original beat created by student S. Broussard and shot a music video for school recruitment

Exponential Entrepreneurship Program, designed to develop entrepreneurial skills and technology awareness.   Students demonstrate 21st Century Skills by presenting a business plan as a culminating project. 

Visual Art pathway 

The Art Pathway at Nava College Prep Academy is de

signed to provide students with at least three years of art.  We believe the creativity generated in these courses can also be used by students in other subject areas. This pathway leads students through a number of art courses that uses the home based knowledge of students through social justice topics and perspectives. We prepare students to think creatively about their community and to advocate for their community through the arts.

Computer Science Program

Students have the opportunity to learn about various computer programs, computer problems and solutions. 

MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement) – Assist students to excel in math and science.  The MESA program offers individual academic plans, study skills training, career and college explorations and hands-on activities. 


We offer a full inclusion Special Education program where students participate in ALL general education courses.  Resource teachers paired with a general education teacher to co-teach in core English & Mathematics courses.

Digital Media Program

Students use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to manipulate and create images, graphics and designs.  

Students will produce Web Sites, posters, and advertisements using text and graphics and communicating a message effectively.