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Mission + Vision



It is our deep-rooted belief that Nava College Preparatory Academy places the students at the center of our mission, which is to prepare them for College and Careers. Nava College Preparatory Academy will ensure a high quality education by providing a curriculum program that is designed to equip all students with high rigor, sufficient knowledge, and skills to succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing college courses, or pathway-oriented careers. Students will benefit from the personal learning environments by giving access to academics across the curriculum through the arts and humanities. Students, parents, teachers and the school leadership will advocate high expectations and success of all members of the school community. 

Purposeful collaboration between teachers, parents, and school leadership from all the schools within the feeder pattern will provide a seamless transition for students as they progress from Pre-kindergarten through high school graduation and beyond, to increase the high school graduation rate, college admittance rate, and career readiness of the neighborhood students in our local schools. 

Nava College Preparatory Academy will become a model of excellence for the Los Angeles Unified School District through authentic meaningful interaction with the local community, elementary, and middle schools. 


The vision of Nava College Preparatory Academy is to nurture, intrinsically motive, and prepare all students for college and their future careers. This school will be designed as a community-based school. Nava College Preparatory Academy will welcome all cultures, ethnicities, and community stakeholders. We will embrace all constructive ideas and help promote the success of the students and the establishment of a college-going culture. The success of the school will rely on the commitment and inspiring partnerships formed between the focused student body, passionate staff, skilled faculty, dedicated parents, and involved community members. At Nava College Preparatory Academy: 

  • All students will be intrinsically motivated individuals who take ownership of their learning.
  • All students will be equipped with the belief that persistence, goal setting, and self-awareness are the keys to success through Costa's Habits of Mind.
  • All students will be in an environment that allows them to blossom, foster inspiration and creativity through learning.
  • All students will receive the tools to become leaders of the community.